Sunday, April 15, 2012

A Y turn

You know how life picks up sometimes and suddenly all the paths you have been traveling seem to split or twist back around on themselves?  It makes for an interesting time to reach your destination.  Recently we were in Texas using a certain phone's GPS app.  It was not the best map app (map app!) out there, but it was inexpensive.  Many times the voice told us, "Turn around when possible." or "Your route is being recalculated."  Sometimes the voice would even say, "In 500 meters, turn right.  Turn left."  Huh?  She wanted us to go in both directions!  I've wanted to write an update for a while but then new stuff kept happening and the GPS of life was throwing us curves and conflicting directions.  This is going to be another random update.  There is so much to tell and I have no clever way of organizing it, so hang on for the ride!
- The week before Spring Break we introduced the new chickens to Pippa and Lois.  They had met in the yard and were aware of each other but hadn't been properly forced to share living quarters.  There seemed to be plenty of scuffling and such, but no one seemed physically hurt and we figured they'd sort it out.  The day we were leaving for vacation, Urk was found dead.  No autopsy was done.  He was laid to rest on the compost pile.  It's a few weeks later and Duke and Frances seem to be doing fine, in fact all of them are getting used to each other.  This morning I went to check for eggs and Frances was standing in the nesting box.  I wonder if that makes Lois mad since she hasn't laid in a while.
- Dewey has 2 new teeth (mid-back molars) w/2 on the other side coming in soon.  He also has a new strategy for when he doesn't get his way.  He throws his head back and goes limp.  I don't recommend it.  Almost 2 and already practicing for being terrible.  I'm kidding!  Mostly.  I love the little guy I just wish he had more words to communicate his feelings!  I've never had a late talker.
- Curly Sue had a good time in respite care while we were gone for break.  Scratch that - she had an awesome time!!  She had her nails painted, got to play with her friends, watched a princess movie...and was truly loved on.  We are beyond grateful for friends that would care for other kids like their own.
- It's official - Colleen is going to kindergarten next year.  This momma will need some serious tissues on that day and it will take all her willpower not to spend the first week peeking in the window, like some kind of stealth body guard.
- MOSES CAN RIDE A 2 WHEELER BY HIMSELF!!!!!  It was just the other day and I nearly passed out trying to keep up w/him!  I had this flash as he sped away from me of him driving away in a car.  I don't think he even believed he could ride like that and we were both a little surprised.  He seems to have mastered the slow art of putting on the brakes and then putting your feet down, which is good, but we haven't even mentioned turning yet.  It's still pretty AWESOME.
- We heard some news that seem to confuse us but we prayed about it and were granted peace.
- The traditional-worship service that Dave was playing for at church is no longer.  That was a little hard for him to take.  He really loved that group of people and loved the mix of hymns and contemporary music.  We all did!!  Moses still sings, "There's a river of life flowing out of me..." and "I shall not, I shall not be moved..." or "Nothing but the blood of Jesus!"  I am very sad that for now we won't have any more experiences like that.  I know he won't stop singing, but I don't know where he will collect memories and songs like that anymore.  The regular services at our church are much more guitar driven and...hmm...well, they do a lot of the newer stuff.  Which is fine, but we will miss the traditional service.
- Today Dave found out that instead of being 50/50 at two different schools, he will only be at one of them full time next year.  He had asked about that at the beginning of the year, but w/the way things were shaken up this year (our WI governor made some pretty big changes) he wasn't too sure it would happen.  He is going to miss the 4 year olds and the co-workers, but he is looking forward to settling in full time at the high school.
- We were excited to file for the adoption credit this year...until we found out people from last year still haven't received their money.  That sort of changed our plans a little.  It wasn't like we depend on that bonus cash to survive, but c'mon, we admit we were thinking of how we could spend and invest a sum that large.  We have already received a letter telling us that we need to send (again!) the same paperwork we did before and have looked into getting a tax advocate.  We would feel even more frustrated and confused if it wasn't for the advice of many who have gone before us!  We really appreciate all the connections - no, friends! - we have made in the foster/adoptive world.
- I went running.  (If you are so inclined, you can read some reflections of recent runs on the other blog.)
- We had a great time in TX for break!  We got to meet the 3 recently adopted daughters of some good friends!  There were beach days and good food.  You know I have a Texas sized album of pictures and I hope to get some on here soon!
- Never a dull moment in the foster care world.  That's all I need to say about that.
- I need to write a goals update.
- My hair is getting long.  I don't know if I can last until the end of summer, much less June....!!!
- My maternal uncle and my paternal aunt are experiencing some pretty serious health troubles.  Please pray for them, their kids and the extended family.  I want to just run and hug them and my cousins - I wish I could do more!  It's hard not to feel overwhelmed sometimes but my family is very strong and I am grateful for the way everyone cares for each other, literally and emotionally.
- We ask for your prayers as we are presented w/a decision to make.  At this time, we are not going to elaborate - God knows the details, but we do covet your prayers.  Like I said at the beginning of the post, sometimes life takes a Y turn.  I heard someone call it a K turn once and I just shook my head!  Y or K, as long as we're on the road following Jesus, it doesn't matter!  Thank you for your prayers =)

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