Tuesday, May 22, 2012


This has been an interesting morning...I already took a pop quiz.  

Question: How many years will a crib withstand your own kids, foster kids, babysitting kids, etc before it is officially broken?  
Answer: Almost 7.  
Question: If you fail to put a diaper on the baby, ANY diaper, what will you find in the morning?  
Answer: You will find yourself cleaning a large mess.  
Question: How many more online courses that scramble your brain and make it difficult for you to function normally will you take?  
Answer: Zero.  
Question: Are you ready for summer vacation?  
Answer: If you don't already know that answer, you failed this quiz!!!

We have been flooded w/appointments lately and I've been working hard to complete an online course to renew my teaching license.  We are almost done w/our foster care license renewal.  We have a stack of paperwork to fill out to renew our adoption license.  There's a list of things we'd love to work on over the summer vacation!  Now we can add crib shopping to that list =)  My brain has been on overdrive lately...I miss writing in this blog!  Hopefully I will have more time to write soon.  Most of the time I feel like there is nothing interesting to write, it's business as usual at our house, but not today!

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