Sunday, May 27, 2012

Random stuff I did today

In no particular order, today I...
  • Washed dishes
  • Made a kefir, honey, kale, banana, apple smoothie
  • Said, "Get down!" approximately 147 times
  • Ran/jogged/lagged behind after my kids on bikes for 1.2 miles, wearing the wrong shoes and running attire
  • Ate a re-vamped local restaurant
  • Mowed all but the back 40 of our lawn - we really need a new mower!!
  • Nearly mangled a baby squirrel?bunny? w/the mower
  • Screamed for my life for about 3 minutes while I could not remove my shaking hands from the running mower
  • Stuck my head out of a missing window
  • Administered at least 4 band-aids
  • Planted some more seeds and a celery bottom
  • Drank more glasses of water than I do most weeks
  • Remembered what it was like to have a huge head of thick coarse long hair in the summer
  • Felt like Wonder Woman  (I know what you are thinking, I already am.  But do you think Wonder Woman ever really felt like she lived up to the hype?  Today I did.  Live up to they hype, that is.  I...AM...THAT...HEROOOOOO!!!!)  
  • Blogged twice
  • Contemplated going to bed at 4pm and not getting up until tomorrow!

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