Sunday, May 27, 2012

My kind of manicure!

There is still black wet dirt under my fingernails.  (Sh!  Don't tell my husband!  The keyboard isn't getting dirty, really it isn't...!)  This year's garden is in our front yard.  We are doing the square foot garden beds again.  I have planted 13 different vegetables and only 1 was not from seed!  I planted the bottom of an organic celery head from the store.  It already had a few leafy shoots so I figured I'd give it a shot!  Here's a list of what I planted, grouped by box.

  • Basil and kale 
  • Brussels sprouts and beans
  • Spinach, cilantro and celery
  • Carrots and peas
  • Squash and pie pumpkins
  • Zukes and cukes 
I also have 4 watermelon starts in the house.  I have no idea where they will go!!  I really aspire to grow some onions and garlic too, but there just isn't space right now.  Now the fight against the bunnies begins!  In the past, I had success just using hot chili powder.  They hate it.  But this is probably the most I've grown and especially the most that they like.  So...we'll see!!  I have no pictures yet, but I did notice that the cukes are already coming up!  That means it is not a 100% failure.  There will be SOME success =)
As I type this, Dave is working on other projects.  This weekend has been pretty busy w/all the work we are doing!  It's exciting.  I know that I should get a tree fort and chicken update on here, but I just haven't had the time.  I finished my online course work (FINALLY!) though, so there should be more time soon. If you have a garden report or any other projects you've been working on, please feel free to share!

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