Saturday, February 4, 2012

Smashing stuff, just not pumpkins

Lots to write about!  Ready for some rapid fire updates?
- There is a blizzard in the Denver area and I am riding my bike!
- Leah and Ray were our foster momma and baby that lived here in 2009.  Guess what?  Ray has been living w/a different foster family (long story) who needed respite this weekend and we got the call!  So Ray is spending the weekend w/us!  He is 1 year older than when he left us and he TALKS!  =)  He is super cute and looks A LOT like his momma (no surprise there) and is doing really well.  It's been fun seeing him again!  He found pictures of his momma and himself around the house and seemed pretty happy.  He likes the chicks!
- We have baby chicks again!  (You like that, how I just slid from one to the other?)  A co-worker of Dave's asked about hatching chicks.  Her daughter was going to be a part of a science fair and was interested in doing that as her project, but they didn't want to keep the chickens =)  So they hatched the day before/the day of the science fair (how perfect!!) and after a day or so w/their family, they brought them over.  The babies are in a box and I am remembering the peeping and much fun!  Ray keeps saying, "There's shickens in there!  Babies!  You hear dat?!"  I took him out to see the big girls and he wasn't quite as impressed.
-Moses has been coming home for the 2nd half of the day to be homeschooled.  Also a long story!  But he is so eager to learn and works really well!  We are looking into some kindergarten workbooks - any suggestions welcome.  We started talking about life cycles (of the chickens!), maps and a few other things.  He has some basic addition down (algebra!  3 + x = 5!) but we are not ready for subtraction.  If you know me and want to hear more about that, you know how to find me.
-Curly Sue and Dewey are doing well.  I think I am actually figuring our some good things to do w/Curly Sue's hair!
-Colleen our Bean is doing really well in school, but we are thinking of holding her back from kindergarten (again long story!).  We will know more about that as the end of the school year approaches, but we're just trying to help her be successful.
-I am going to be in a drama for the women's ministry conference we are having in March!  I don't have a huge part, but I am still nervous about memorizing it...I get to play Tamar from the Bible.  It's a pretty cool script - I am looking forward to being used by God in that way again.
-Am I forgetting something?  I'm sure I am!  I will try to write a goals update soon.  And hopefully I can get the pics of the chicks on here too!

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D(ea)r Abby said...

I was held back in preschool (or "red-shirted" as my mom likes to call it), and I turned out just fine. (I'm a summer birthday, too, so I was 6 in K5.) I think if it will make Colleen a little more ready when she starts "real" school, it's no big deal. You'll make it work.