Sunday, January 22, 2012

The easy way

For some reason everyone is quiet (enough) right now.  Daddy is sleeping (no Packers' game!), Moses is Lego-ing, Colleen and Curly Sue are playing house or something and Dewey is fitfully sleeping too.  I really want to write some awesome post about everyone and updates but I realized there isn't much to say!  Maybe I should just talk about me?  I don't do much of I?  Wait - don't answer that.  I don't really care anyway.  I am enjoying this time...
Lately I have been taking some action steps to see progress on my goals.  For starters, this past week I went to bed on time 4 out of the 7 evenings.  I enjoyed waking up early, I read 3 chapters in my Sally Clarkson book, and I think I drank enough water.  I signed up for a class (I think it's a DVD class).  That should be interesting!  Just when we took the desk downstairs...I have carved out a little 'mama cave' for reading and doing school work.  I am working on getting the kids to set their clothes out the night before. Scratch that - I am working on ME helping to set their clothes out.  They ask me some nights but I don't want to take the 3 minutes to do it when I tuck them in.  Baby steps...we teach other discipline around here...I have a sewing itch that needs to be scratched.  I bought supplies for a small project and hopefully I can get that accomplished this week.  We were blessed w/bunk beds for the girls!  That was a 2 day project...not setting them up, but re-organizing their room.  I think it's better though - it helped me to finally sort out random things that needed homes or needed to get out of our home!  I cleaned the whole upstairs hallway the other day.  (You're probably wondering how a hallway can be messy...or not, if you've met my cluttery self!)  I felt pretty accomplished.  I found some pictures that made me smile and many that I plan to hang near my study corner/mama cave.  I may be 'performing' in a drama for our upcoming women's gathering at church.  Right now it seems like it's kind of unorganized and if it doesn't get off the ground soon, I am going to have to say no.  I don't feel confident 'winging it' or cramming when I have 4 kids in the house!  Well, as interesting as this update is (like paint drying!), I will end it soon...I just had to write something.  These are the moments I get very few of these days - no complaints - but it reminded me of when Moses was a baby and I would type away while he slept.  Now he is creeping up to be as tall as my chin and I take what I can get.  Thank you Lord for blessing me w/this time, thank you for allowing me to watch these children grow.  Thank you for the chance to serve my family yet take care of myself too.  It's been a journey to find the balance and since I am rooted in You Lord, I know I can always come back and re-evaluate that.  AMEN

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