Friday, January 6, 2012

Things I did well in 2011...

I have a post in my mind, all ready to go, about my 2012 goals.  They look pretty similar to the 2011 goals but first I wanted to comment on what I did well in 2011.  If you forgot, I attempted to do monthly updates on my goals (I accomplished that goal 5 out of 12 times).  This was the original post.  I made 3 categories - physical, personal, and spiritual.  I was really good at drinking more water, running, doing the 5K (not so much once it was over, though) and sort of good at getting 8 hours of sleep.  The physical stuff kind of fell off the track after fall hit...for various reasons!  Dave and I have been super awesome about date night, many thanks to 2 reliable and willing babysitters =)  I was mediocre at my Bible reading, but for me, mediocre was a massive improvement!!  Some things that were not listed on my goals post, but I was good at anyway, were things like making lunches and washing laundry on time.  I was also a rock star when it came to finding things that we needed at thrift/consignment shops, thus avoiding box stores and buying new.  I was really good at changing our eating habits and continuing on our 'green' journey.  I was good about helping to keep the chickens alive!  Didn't think I'd be saying that....I was GREAT at hanging wash!  HA!  You already knew that, didn't you...well, there is lots of room for improvement.  But I think writing out my goals last year really helped me.  I can't wait to share my revised/new goals in the next post!

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