Sunday, January 15, 2012

...and beyond...

Many of you may remember that I wrote some goals for 2011.  I have done the same for 2012, only I admit they look similar to those of last year!  I didn't entirely complete some, while I can improve on others.  At any rate - here are my 2012 goals.  Once again I am focusing on my own health and wellness, choosing to organize my goals into 3+ categories.  Some goals may apply to more than one category, but I attempted to sort them out accordingly.  Also, please know that I am being real here and I am asking for support and not judgement.  Thanks =)
PERSONAL (bear with me, it seems there are a lot!)
-make time to do more scrapbooking/sewing/completing Pinterest pins (I had this on my list last year.  Epic failure!  Prepare for round 2...DING)
-watch less TV during the week/overall (should help w/the first one - we have DVR now so I should be able to record some things to watch on the weekends)
-go to a women's conference/retreat, something of that sort...
-join some sort of a small group, which will hopefully help me maintain and cultivate old/new relationships
-call the Integenerational Center nearby (I have always had this dream of opening one and what do you know?!  There is one less than a half hour a way!  Why re-invent the wheel?  I should investigate volunteering there)
-READ (I have a weak looking book list, but I hope I can read at least one book a month)
-take a grad class to renew my teaching license, but also investigate possible future Spanish classes/maybe even a Master's!
SPIRITUAL (I am excited for these!)
-I will be Maximizing My Mornings, starting tomorrow!
-keep up w/my Bible reading and journaling
-memorize scripture w/my family (there are some good ones here, including in the comments, but we will also use the verses from Sunday school at our church)
-go on a small/big missions trip (again, I really didn't even come close on this one last year - hopefully we can take steps to get closer to this goal this year)
-small group - see above
-women's conference/retreat - see above
PHYSICAL (same as last year, w/a few minor tweaks!)
-get 8 hrs of sleep a night (No seriously.  8.)
-exercise 30 minutes 3 times a week  (I'm not sure this will happen right away, but it's a goal - I will be taking baby steps to get there - it's harder than last year since we have more kids, but do-able)
-thin the thighs (Judgement free zone here people - I don't care if I lose weight, just if I can get these thunder thighs under control!)
-complete a 5K in under 30 minutes (I almost got there last year!)
-complete more than one 5K (Yes!)
-drink more water (Like last year, if I can do more than 3 glasses a day, I am doing good - I just need to be more consistent)
FAMILY/HOUSEHOLD GOALS (new this year...)
-eat more real food (I can help by cooking more breakfasts and being ready so we don't do fast food out of desperation)
-reduce packaging (this has been on my mind lately...even if I do a little, it's better than nothing)
-out West trip (some extended family have moved out to WA and we would love to go back to CA)
-researching/prepping moving out of town (don't freak out - there's is a minute fraction of a chance we will actually pull this off in 2012 which is why I said researching/prepping, but it's been on our minds for the near future, so we have to be honest that it is one of our goals)
-adoption (there!  I said it!  Again, don't freak out, we have no news but this is always a family goal)
There's probably more of these, but I didn't really focus too much on these.  I can help us reach these goals, but it will be a team effort and will take a little more planning.  
Like last year, I hope to post goal updates but I doubt it will be every month.  Being that there are 2 more children in our house than last year at this time, life gets pretty busy!  But I am confident that in writing this post and reflecting on my goals, I will be able to stay on track and take better care of myself.

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