Monday, August 6, 2012

ps for Day One of Feeding Therapy

I wanted to direct everyone to 2 links I found to be helpful...
The Feeding Tube Awareness Foundation - feel free to buy me a sweatshirt from them!  Ladies small or medium!  (Only half kidding - aren't they cute?!  Soon my tubie may not be a tubie but I would be honored to show my love for her w/a sweatshirt.  Besides, it might get people talking and being aware and supportive of others who have a tube!)  They also have a page if you want to pose questions or look for support.
The Top 10 Myths of Mealtime in America - some good info to help people who are not in 'the know' about feeding problems in kids.  Or as I look at it, information to help me respond appropriately when people say (what I perceive to be) insensitive and ignorant things.  Sometimes I can be really defensive when people make comments and my mouth gets ahead of my manners.  This is a good resource.

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