Friday, December 14, 2012

Lucky you, lucky me!

Yes, I am posting again today...celebrating my kids who make me smile.
At dinner, we were talking about how kids grow so fast.  I specifically said that sometimes I look at Mo, turn away and when I glance back I feel like he grew noticeably in the seconds I wasn't looking. He replied, "Yeah, Mom, like with each passing moment..." and he lifted his hand higher and higher.  I gulped big and smiled.  "Yep.  With each passing moment..."  He's going to work for Hallmark at some point =)  I certainly could not have said it better myself.
Later Dave was asking if the kids knew who the Packers are going to play this weekend.  He was going to give them hints, but before he could, Colleen asked, "Germany?" and we all groaned and laughed.  As soon as that died down, she said, "I know!  The Packers are going to play BINGO!"  That was one of those moments where if I were to write the story out, like I am, I'd say I laughed like this - BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA puffing up my cheeks a little at the beginning!  That girl is so silly and smart!
Curly Sue was a cheerleader/Barbie for Halloween and still has the pompons in her room.  Frequently she will jump around making up cheers.  For the month of December, we asked the teachers to keep an eye out for any of the kids going out of their way to do acts of service.  Each time they are 'caught', we put a quarter in the 'shepherd's bag' w/their name on it.  At Christmas they get to combine their $ and pick a gift out from the World Vision catalog - you know, a goat for a family to sell milk and earn some income, some chickens to sell eggs or eat, mosquito nets, Bibles, clean water, etc...Well, Curly Sue's teacher told me that she wasn't sure if it would count, but she wanted to tell me what our girl was up to...apparently she was using her zip up sweatshirt outstretched like wings.  She was dancing around, telling kids she was an angel, Christmas was coming and that meant baby Jesus.  She was saying that they should celebrate and honor him and that they should have joy!  (Or something along those lines...I was trying to keep an eye on a few other kids at the time, but that's the gist of it...)  The teacher said she thought it should count - she was sharing the Good News!  That's awesome!
At some point, this little bundle of boy energy named Dewey is going to be gone from my house...but until then, I am loving hearing him learn how to talk.  Just the other day he walked in to the room and asked, "Whayoudooo-eeeen?"  He wakes up from his nap and immediately asks for the others - "Mo?  Eeeen?  Lee Ooh?"  When no one answers, he woot-woots (our families way of finding each other in a crowd) and when they don't answer again, he tells me, "Le's go.  Ride.  Butts.  (bus)  Ool."  If I don't get the message, he tells me what we need to get and pass on the way.  Jacket, shoes, boat, train...ool.  I think my favorite though has got to be anytime we go to a store that has a huge aisle of decorated Christmas trees, or down a road w/lots of decorated houses.  "OOOOK!  Mom, Momma, MommEEEE!  OOOOHHH!!  IGHTS!!!  IGHTS!!!  OOOOK!!"  His whole body wiggles and feet stomp and head waggles and he just keeps going until he is satisfied that everyone in a large radius pays attention to the eye candy that is around us!  It's a lot of fun...

I am one blessed mom.

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