Sunday, December 2, 2012

I should have taken 2 plates.

I didn't finish the 30 days of thankfulness this year...I know.  I rarely finish things, much less finish them well!  I have a few half written attempts to catch up but I have decided to give myself permission to leave it the way it is.  There are too many other things to talk about.  Do you know how you go through the line at Thanksgiving, especially if you are planning to share some of your food w/the baby, and you find your plate rather full?  So you think you should have just gotten a second, separate plate?  And where are you going to put all the tasty desserts??  This time of year I think I do that w/life.  I just keep adding to the plate...but as I get older, I am more aware of this and I am trying to fix that.  I like to remind myself of my goals as a way to stay on track.  This is an informal goal update, for myself mostly.  I hope to write up a detailed one before the end of the year...
I was doing well getting to bed on time - not so much over the past month or so.  Need to get back to that.  I did really well on my Hello Mornings Challenge this time!!  Can't wait for the next one.  Exercising went well until it got cold.  I could have gone to the Y but didn't, although I just signed up for classes 3x a week starting in January.  Eliminating packaging?  Enh.  Dave said he's on board a lot more (we watched the movie Bag It) which should help for the future.  I am helping organize a women's ministry conference - so much fun!  Well, I should say that it is fun b/c I am enjoying watching it all come together and how God works through so many different people and uses their many talents.  Monday will be the first practice for a play I am going to be in!  One of the pastors at church starting talking about this community project earlier this year and I didn't think it would actually happen.  Not that I didn't believe him, mind you, but I thought all along that it sounded a little too good to be true.  I waited until the last minute to make a decision about being a part of it.  If I gave it too much thought, I would have talked myself out of it!!  What else?  Drinking water?  Yeah, I don't know if I ever get better at that...!  That's all I can think of right now.  Lately I have been working on our online Christmas card and getting outside to enjoy the mild weather.  I have been letting the chickens out a bunch and walking around w/them to see what plants think it's spring!  There's still kale and Brussels sprouts in the garden...I think it's only good for feeding to the chickens at this point though - we had a few hard frosts and they look droopy.
Well, we are about to go for a walk by the lake today!  I was hoping to write more but it will have to wait =)

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