Saturday, November 17, 2007

Week in Review

Phew - the week got away on me! Tuesday we went for a really long walk. I didn't work out on Weds...I was crabby, it was cold and I guess I was tired from Tues! We walked to the grocery store and after purchasing a 10lb bag of potatoes and other stuff, we walked up the hill to Big Lots, and home again. I made some bread this week - did I already talk about that? We have a breadmaker and all the supplies, so I feel compelled lately to just make our own. Friday we met at church for playgroup. It was nice to vent a little and feel 'in touch' w/other adults!
We've been working on getting things ready for foster care kids. Today we picked up some furniture from my brother's future in-laws. It was an awesome gift - a bed and a dresser! The 2 rooms upstairs are shaping up...slowly. We have started the fat application. The thing that will take the longest amount of time will be the 'autobiography' section. There's a lot of questions about each of our backgrounds/upbringings...if that's a word! Lately we have heard good news from a lot of friends...adopting soon, pregnant, successful's been emotional for us b/c we are in a time of waiting. That doesn't mean we don't feel JOY for them - we definitely do!! We are not hurt by hearing their news, although many of them have been very considerate of our feelings. We know they are praying with us and supporting us on our journey, just as we hope we can do for them! So I guess that's about it for foster care news. We'll keep you posted - our last class is Dec 4!

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