Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Weekend News Update

We had a lot of fun this weekend! We started the day at Saturplay, which is like open gym for families with 2-3 yr olds. Moses was awed by all the stuff they had at the Early Learning Center and we were wondering if he would be a little scared by all the kids and noise. When the teacher called everyone to sit in a circle so she could go over the rules, he ran right over and found a spot to sit! We were like, "Where'd he go?" and just grinned when we saw him with all the other kids. It's like he's trying to tell us he's ready for school! *SNIFF* But that's cool to see!
Then it was on to Lakeland College. We had a family photo taken at the Family weekend...
...That's Beatrice from Malawi, Africa. Our other "adopted" daughter, Minhee, was working. We'll have to add another photo of her later. We decorated foam fingers together, ate lunch and saw the first half of the football game. Beatrice was happy to go to the game because they had just taught them about it in the Transitions to America class. The players came and showed them the pads and equipment, tried to teach them the rules and warned them about the noise! I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall for that one...
Well, yesterday was Monday and I didn't make much. I started a crochet project. I have been wanting to buy a wrap or a shawl, because I get so cold in church! Instead I decided to use my resources and save my money. Or as Dave reminds me, our money! Sorry if this project sounds boring...I'll keep you posted anyway. I'm using black because I already have a ton of it. I found a pattern online for 'easiest shawl ever'. We'll see about that!!

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