Monday, April 20, 2009


I need to get to bed, but I really want to throw this up here...not all of these things took place today, but it's easier to put them in the same entry...Steel cut oats, made overnight in a crock pot bath. SO TASTY! It was an adventure...have you tried anything like this? I'm looking for breakfast ideas for the teenager in the house (read: lazy mom desires hot breakfast ideas...) and this worked for us!
My boy needed a cape! I made it yeah, the string should have been a little longer, but he still loves it! He flies!!
Easter Sunday required a tie. My boy looks so grown up!! Daddy didn't even wear a tie...

Finally, I got to visit my grandpa. It was a sunny day and we talked. My grandpa suffers from dementia...I hate it. I hate that he can't remember us. But you know what I've been realizing? He may not remember us or even things about himself, but God never forgets. My grandpa's name is in the Book of Life and God will not forget my grandpa. I am so grateful for that!

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Abby said...

Why does breakfast have to be hot? I eat cheerios (or occasionally toast) pretty much every morning every morning and I turned out okay.

The one exception to my breakfast habits is, of course, my "secret weapon" of scrambled eggs with toast on the days of big tests or other important things. It's probably all in my head, but I think the extra protein is useful. Of course, if you are looking for every-day breakfast foods, eggs are not really a healthy choice.