Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Things I've learned lately...

Things in the foster care system don't move quickly. You can buy pesto sauce in a jar at the grocery store. I miss my college dorm friends. Everyone needs new socks. We need new pots and pans. Not all Bed Bath and Beyonds are created equal. Fertilized eggs can remain at room temperature for a few hours (a day?) until you put them in an incubator. My son is good at bounce passes. The new/old gardening center has tons of kinds of compost and they really cater to people who want to do things in the organic way. I really don't like china buffets. I can actually make really good scrambled eggs. Cooking raw spinach does not require water. Piggly Wiggly has a scratch and dent produce section where packs of 6 zukes are 50 cents, 4 peppers are 75 cents, etc. There is a fruit market on the north side of downtown. My egg lady also sells wheat. There's wheat berries we could be eating. Pickles absolutely loves the English muffin egg sandwiches we make. I am addicted to LOST. I need to tighten my helmet before going for a bike ride. The Habitat Re-Store place has really cheap lumber. Three year old boys can wear the knees out of pants really quickly. After 3 or more boys have handed down a shirt, it really doesn't look good. They sell cow bells at Fleet Farm. When you have a family of 5 and you eliminate plastic from your kitchen you wind up running the dishwasher every day. After being married for 10 years, holding hands is still the best thing. There is a unseen force pulling small toys into the kitchen so they are lying in the exact spot where I am about to step. Rubber rain boots for adults are amazingly comfortable and fun but weird to drive in. If you haven't used your treadmill in a while it could be broken. I'm getting sick of the word bailout. There are times when I am incapable of making time to talk to my husband and get back to people, which means some things don't happen or get planned until the last minute. Vanilla Ice is still making music. Some of my former students are good people. They are growing into wonderful adults. There IS a way to get the photos off my phone but it may take a techy person to get it done. Pumpkin's ears are finally clear - no more fluid. There's a high maltose version of corn syrup, but it's not as bad as HFCS. Boston Store has clothes for $1.99. Blogging makes me a little bit more sane!

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