Wednesday, August 25, 2010

8 is Enough (or maybe 9?)

Did you ever watch that show? It was fun - I don't remember too much, just the dad being really exasperated all the time! We have 9 people in the house this week again since we are doing respite for some friends from church. We have added 2 children aged five and 1 child age three. So yeah, lots of preschoolers/toddlers! One lady asked us today, "Are these all your children?" I laughed and explained that only 1 was actually mine =) It was pretty funny b/c the kids are of different races and such and it's always the old ladies who ask and try to figure out why I have a little United Nations group following me.


I'm back and now I'm laughing at myself. I started writing this in like a 5 minute break, thinking I could do a quick one. What was I thinking?? I ran off to go deal w/some squabble, I'm sure! Now it's 'quiet time' for everyone. They are all sequestered in separate rooms w/a pile of books! Good thing they like to read =) Now to get to some cleaning...

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