Sunday, August 22, 2010

If this is it, please let me know...

(See, I'm really trying to post more!)
I don't know why, but as I scanned my last couple of posts, I have noticed that a lot of the titles were song lyrics. Can you name the song this title is from? I have thousands of things to write about and photos to post and honestly, I do not want to do another update. So I am going to try and get back into the swing of things here and write more frequently.
First of all - the court date for Fabi's TPR is behind us. It didn't turn out as we planned, but it wasn't a huge surprise either. Basically, the judge asked her parents some questions and it was clear they didn't completely understand and/or have their own feelings sorted out. He then recommended they sign up for a public defender to guide them through the process. We will be returning on Aug. 31st for the next step. We were not too surprised about the end result, and it makes sense to ensure that everyone understands what is going on so if there is an appeal, it won't be under the pretense that people did not understand the proceedings. I will keep you posted...
Second of all - it's almost fall!! That means school, leaves falling and FOOTBALL!!! Don't get me wrong, summer was a blast but it was also a blur. School means routine, leaves falling means cooler temps and less humidity, and football means PACKERS and Brett Favre (again!) and Peyton Manning and watching games w/family!
Finally - I am serious about trying to blog more on a regular basis. If you have any topics (not too controversial please) or questions you'd like to see talked about here, let me know! I have so much to talk about but I will catch up on the important stuff as we go. Thanks for sticking w/me even when I haven't written much!

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