Tuesday, October 19, 2010

It's never too early...

It's never to early to make a game plan for next year's school picture day.

Today was school picture day.  Both Moses and Fabi attend the same school, which mean they both need to be gussied up on the same day.  Not too big of a deal, right?  Apparently, for me, it is!

I kept meaning to get Mo's hair cut, but it didn't happen until last night.  Meaning today he had the 'fresh from the barber' look.  Then he argued about what to wear - I totally wasn't caring about the pants, so of course he chose sweats.  Whatever - the picture only shows you from the mid-section up!  But we haggled over his shirt.  He wanted a short sleeve button down w/a tie.  We have no short sleeve button downs.  So then I offered up the short sleeve polo shirts.  No go.  He got excited when he saw the sweater vests - they are really handsome! - but asked if he could pair one of them up w/a white undershirt and a tie.  Um, no.  So we settled on the undershirt and vest.  A little casual, but it worked for us!

On to the girl.  Um...why are all these dresses sleeveless??  Or too big?  What's the deal?  I have no nice shirts, but plenty of wrinkly T-shirts.  It was bad.  I even asked Dave to help me rank the choices.  We found a decent sleeveless dress and a sweater.  Cute!  Ok, hair...um...thankfully I still have my 80s tiny curling iron!  I did her bangs to hide the cowlick (85% successful) and made a few ringlets around her face.  After finishing one side, the other looked flat.  Fixed it and the other looked limp.  Seeing a pattern here?  We don't own hairspray (yuck!) but for once I felt I needed it!  Oh well - off you go!  It's not getting better so leave well enough alone!

I felt crazy then b/c I had all these notes and the teachers always say to pin them to the kids.  "Take the sweatshirt off for pictures please" and "I'll bring the snack before 9am" (oh yeah, did I mention it was also our day for snack?  I had some ready to go but *someone* left it out on the counter all night instead of the fridge...sigh...)  My poor kids had notes all over them!!

Back to the boy.  Hair.  He wanted a spike.  Due to the previously mentioned haircut, there was not enough hair for a spike!  We agreed on a 'ramp', like his uncle always does.  I grabbed the 'palm-aid' (sp?) type stuff I bought before school started (and never used!) and we gave it a try.  One half looked great while the other was curling...ah well!  We giggled a lot!  That stuff is thick!  Then I heard the requests for a pull-over sweatshirt and my pulse got faster - no!!!!  I explained that once you do your hair like that, pull-over clothing is not an option.  Seemingly satisfied w/that, he went off to hunt for another sweatshirt.

Back to the girl.  In case I didn't mention it before, she gets tube feedings in a McKey button.  Before going off to school each day we go through the motions - her whimpering like a cat and me reassuring her she's fine.  Sometimes it takes longer than others and sometimes all her tears render her shirt useless.  Thankfully, it was not a day where we needed to change clothes!  PHEW

Got some replacement snacks on the way to school, made sure everyone had their receipts for the photographer and drove home, replaying the morning in my head.

It's never too early to make a game plan for next year's school picture day.

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