Sunday, October 10, 2010

Putting off the update

We had a TPR court date.  It passed.  A lawyer was late.  Really late.  So late that we couldn't even start.  It was postponed again.  As they were all trying to find a date that worked for everyone, it became clear that it would be a month before the next available date.  It was frustrating and annoying.  Of all the possible outcomes, of all the ways we thought it could go 'wrong', the lawyer being late was not one that we had imagined.  Anyway, most of you all already know this, but I figured I would make a post.  For posterity.  Or in case someone stumbles on the blog and looks for foster care stories.  This is a story that should be included.  Stuff happens.  Don't make plans.  Especially when lawyers and social workers and a bunch of other people are involved.  Too many variables.  I realize that this post sounds negative and crabby, but I'm sorry - that's not my intention.  That's why I waited a bit before I posted. we are looking forward to the next date.  But there's going to be a whole lot of other stuff that will happen between then and now - lots of fall fun to enjoy!  Tomorrow Fabi goes w/her class to the apple orchard, Moses has been helping me make tons of pumpkin pies, Leah went to a bunch of Homecoming activities...and we eat a lot of pie!!!  Here's a pic of some of the garden harvest...there's eggplant, squash and pie pumpkins of course!  We also got 4 pie pumpkins in our CSA box.  So far, each pumpkin has yielded 2 pies =)  YUMMY!  I love fall!

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