Thursday, October 14, 2010

Secretly rich

Apparently baby Ray finds Jillian Michaels soothing.  He fell asleep half-way through the 30 Day Shred!
*side note* Remember when I couldn't think of any anecdotes for myself?  Read on...*
-So I started the 30 Day Shred.  Not that I need to lose weight (it might be nice to lose a few, like 10) but I need to get into shape!  Day one reflections - not that hard.  I only did level 1.  I did, however, miss day 2 since I was sore and couldn't find a chaos free 20 minute block.  I just completed my 2nd day of it.  It's good!  I wonder what level 2 you think I should jump ahead on only my 3rd day?  Am I too cocky?  I was thinking of 10 days of level 1, 10 days of level 2 and 10 days of level 3.  I suppose I could get to day 5 of level 1 and make my decision then.  Yes, I need a work out DVD to actually do something. I tried Fit TV but the workouts on there all have a theme, like Bollywood dance workout or something I couldn't stomach.  I used to workout twice a week w/my cousin at the HS gym, which was SWEET but now w/Ray home and Leah working, Mo taking piano, Dave teaching piano, church on Weds...yada, yada...I literally cannot find a time when we can both go.  And the HS gym is not open to the community during the day.  We'll see how this DVD thing goes.
-I had a really awesome birthday week!  I opened a present early, w/permission.  It was a mug w/a bunch of photos of me and ALL the kids on it =D!!!  I drink out of it all the time and how can you not be happy when you see pics of your babies grinning in your arms all day?!  I also got breakfast at one of my favorite restaurants in town and a massage.  You have no idea how badly I needed that...I had been to the dr already and muscle relaxers are not my style.  The massage did the trick!  Dave also remembered that I wanted a T-shirt from a ministry we support - Drawn From Water.  If you haven't heard about it already, please go check it out.  The T-shirt has the outline of Africa w/all the babies' names that they have saved.  I also got some PB cup ice cream, attended a run/walk for the unborn w/my parents of a beautiful fall day (it was almost 80*!) and I managed to get a few of us decent and smiling for a cool family photo!
-When I was hanging wash the other day, I felt a lump in Fabi's sweatshirt pocket.  Um...?  Whatever it was had gone through the wash, so I was a little annoyed.  I peeled the little pocket open to find half a walnut shell, a rock, a piece of yarn and a fake leaf.  I laughed - Moses was never one to start collections unless he could proudly display them somewhere.  Fabi is not like that.  One of her favorite phrases is, "Keep it?"  She squirrels things away in pockets, car seat cup holders, her backpack, her bed, and her hand (when no other option is available)!  Anyway - to keep this anecdote from being about someone else, let me steer you back to my finding all this treasure in her pocket.  I did laugh, but then I just carelessly tossed the stuff out in the lawn.  Later the wash line broke and guess where her sweatshirt landed?  On top of the stuff.  I took it as a sign and collected her treasures.  After shaking out all the wash and re-organizing it on racks, I tucked the treasures on the ledge by the back door.  There are so many things I treasure that I would be crazy if someone just tossed them away.  I was a little crazy since the wash line broke - I love hanging wash!  I treasure the nutchie/pacifier I clipped when trying to break Mo of the habit.  I treasure coming in the back door and seeing a bunch of kid-sized shoes lined up near the size 12 men's ones.  I treasure my new mug and the kids I'm holding in the photos.  I treasure the notes Dave wrote me when we were dating - Mo just recently found one where Dave had drawn some pictures and used markers to color them.  He was grilling me on what kid made that note since he couldn't believe his dad did it!
-One last weird one.  Lately I have been having the knack of finding a product on the shelf that is not entered into the system.  I found a bottle of dish detergent that failed to exist at Big Lots.  The new guy and the manager couldn't figure out how to sell it to me.  Rocket science, I guess.  They finally found some way to override the system and accept my $2 payment.  How gracious of them.  Then at Shopko a stainless steel canteen had an unrecognizable bar code.  So did all of it's neighbors.  They kept bringing up a different one to see if each worked.  None did.  Other aluminum ones were in the system, but I don't want aluminum.  Again, they were finally able to override the system and take my $2.50 payment.  Then, I found a box of diapers, apparently the last of the 'old style'.  No longer in the system.  How could they offer it for sale if there wasn't an entry?  I'm not blaming the clerks at these stores, I'm sure they are not experts in computers and how the store handles the programming.  But even the managers have been baffled at how to sell a product to me if it's not in the system.  It's almost like they don't want my money, but they do want to make me happy.  Couldn't I just get the 'new style' of diapers?  For $1.50 more, probably.  If you are one of the clerks at a place like this, please don't be insulted.  I'm not trying to bash you or the stores.  I just find it ironic that this has happened to me at 3 different places in less than a week.  I feel like I should sign up for a secret shopper program!  There should be a bonus for finding flaws in the system like that, right?  I could be getting rich off my odd-ball talent!  "Go ahead, get the deluxe model, I hit it big at WalMart the other day - the bread I tried to buy was unrecognizable!"

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