Tuesday, December 28, 2010

11 things

2011...a new year.

Lots of new things in store for us!

1 - a new (to us!) daughter.
2 - a new (to us!) van.
3 - a new calendar - baby animals =)
4 - a new 'word of the year'.  The word for '09 was discipline, '10 was give, not sure what '11 will be...
5 - possibly new foster kids, since Leah and Ray will be leaving at the end of January.
6 - new homemade bunk beds?  Dave wants to copy a set we saw today.
7 - new clothes for new daughter - she might actually be growing!!  Shirts are not quite fitting and neither are pants.  I don't think the stats show anything new, but maybe she is just taking on a new shape...
8 - more time on the road in the RV and on the lake in the boat.  We always say we want to camp a lot.  What's new is that it might actually happen!  And maybe I will go fishing more.  That's new.  I always seem to catch the most out of everyone in my family!  Whether it's at a friends' parents' lake house or the trout pond...the girl who hates fish catches the most!
9 - new drinking glasses.  I am hunting for some at the thrift stores.  A whole ton of our Correlle ones got randomly broken.  I thought of replacing them since the pattern matched our plates, but honestly?  It would be more interesting if they didn't match.  Then we wouldn't have to put labels on them when people come over.   "I have the one w/the M on it!"  Instead, it would sound more like, "I have the one with the purple elephant on it!"
10 - new babies in the extended family.  Some through birth, some through adoption!!!  WAHOO!!!  So elated...cannot wait to visit them ALL!!
11 - new opportunities to grow, learn, serve...

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