Thursday, December 16, 2010

For the birds!

Some notes on Christmas shopping this year...
First of all, when I went last week, there were entirely too many people in the stores during the day.  I couldn't believe the lines!  I found myself grumbling that no one in this town must have jobs since they are all out shopping in the morning.
I tried again today.  I realized a few things...there are gift cards for facebook games.  Really?  I wonder how many people buy them.  Or use them!  Also, I realized that helping the elderly is something no one seems to do anymore.  There was a grandpa looking for something, 'grousing' to his wife that it was the 3rd time he's come here and still can't find this one vitamin he is looking for.  The grandma tried to help, but since I overheard and saw exactly what they needed, I stepped in.  The vitamin?  Lutein.  Good for the eyes =)  I stepped back and grandma got all the credit for finding it.  Another thing that happened to me today was that I *almost* got stuck in a shirt.  You see, thanks to genetics, I am rather thin on top.  (Not so much on the bottom!)  But I always choose small when it comes to shirts.  Sometimes even XS if they look roomy!  I put this small shirt on and couldn't slide my arm out.  I was stuck.  I don't normally pull things over my head and this shirt was so small I didn't even think I could do that.  I considered stepping out and finding someone to help me (!!!) but luckily I was able to practically dislocate my shoulders to get it off!  Note to self: do not try on clothes unless you have planned an exit route or have an assistant, preferably someone who is related to you!  I also noticed today that stores do not carry nearly enough Pedia.Sure.  I cleared out the shelf!  I did see a really funny looking Santa Mr. Potato Head!  I laughed.  I also saw blooming tulips in a pot.  Um...?  I guess it's spring somewhere.  Sigh.  I am not a fan of Christmas shopping.  I always want to be one of those people that has their shopping done in October - I really need to try that next year!!!

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