Thursday, December 30, 2010

Already making a career choice!

I should be sleeping.  But I'm not.  I just had to share this super cute story about Fabi!

Today we were at the Shedd Aquarium.  The first thing you see when you walk in is the huge tank in the center, one that you can walk all the way around.  It's like the center of the wheel and all these other halls are like spokes off of it.  In this center tank there was a man in a wet suit, scrubbing the coral or whatever.  We stood there for a while and Fabi kept asking about the man in the tank, what was he doing, why, etc.  Average 3yo questions, asked about 5 times each =)  After that, we moved on to another tank.  "Where man?"  It took about 3 halls for her to let go of the fact that each tank didn't come with a man in it!

Later, Dave and Mo went swimming while Fabi and I hung one point, she looked up at me and said, "Mom, I be man."  What's that?  You want to be a man?  No hon, you are a girl.  "No, I be MAN!"  No, you're a girl like me.  The guys are on a guys date and the girls, you and me, are here.  "No, I be man. I wear MASK." this point I was really searching my brain for a previous conversation about a man in a mask...I was coming up with nothing!!  "I be man in mask.  Crubbing.  In tank."  Crubbing?  AH - I GOT IT!  You want to be like the man in the tank, scrubbing, wow, yeah, you're right, he was wearing a mask!  (I was pretty impressed - we never talked about the mask!)  "I c-wean fish."  Ha - no sweetie, he wasn't cleaning the fish, he was cleaning their tank.  "Yeah, it dirty.  Fish dirty."  Seriously, this was an impressive conversation because she rarely comes up with topics on her own..that may sound weird and rude, but I don't mean it to be that way!  Fabi is becoming quite the conversationalist and it's cool to hear about what impacts her!  And she didn't just spit back what I said, she told me something original.  As the conversation continued, she made sure to emphasize the fact that SHE was going to 'be man', SHE was going to be in the tank, SHE would be crubbing...

So there you have it.  Our girl's first career choice!

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