Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Ritardando Accelerando

If you know music, you know the above terms are contrary to each other.  Most of us would agree that life can be a contradiction at times too!  That is how I am feeling right now.  We went and set a court date for the adoption today...it's not until January 14.  Part of me wants time to HURRY UP and just get to that day already, but the other part of me is begging for time to SLOW DOWN so Christmas doesn't get lost in the shuffle.  For us, to say 'celebrating the birth of the Savior is important' is an understatement.  The magnitude of the free gift God has given in the form of Jesus, His perfect Son, an atonement for sinners...just the idea that He considers me/us worthy of this gift...
it is a humbling thought.
The celebration of Christmas is something we are really beginning to enjoy even more now that we have the opportunity to share it with the kids.  You can see how I want to make these moments last, yet fast forward to another day of importance!  A day not quite as important in the grand scheme of things, but meaningful to us in that we are being given a gift of a different kind.  To be considered worthy to raise a child, a child you had no business creating, a child who calls you Mom and Dad for no reason other than that she knows you are what a parent should be...
it is a humbling thought.  

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