Monday, November 29, 2010

Wheels on the bottoms of my feet

I don't even know where to start....I know I planned to write about feeding therapy and junk like that but I have so much other stuff that happened that I may not get to it....
Here goes!
Yesterday I hit a deer w/the van.  Actually I plowed through it.  We are all fine, the windshield did not break and the airbags did not deploy.  But the van is not really looking too good.
Today a new state case worker called about Fabi's adoption.  She said that due to budget cuts the current adoption worker assigned to us no longer will be working w/the state, as of the end of the month.  Tomorrow.  This new woman has been assigned the case and she also will be no longer working w/the state adoption agency as of the end of the next month.  So there are some things that need to be done w/or about the adoption before they are both gone OR ELSE.  As in, or else the case gets dropped into the lap of someone new who will most likely be taking a LOT of new cases and then our adoption 'will take forever', as she put it.  So (she asked) did I want to hurry up and do this before the current ladies are gone?

(This is the part where all of you should be yelling at your screens - YES!!!!)

So of course I said yes, we are ready to do whatever it takes.  Previously we had been told that the county did not close the case file yet, so the state could not take any action and move forward w/the adoption.  So I was a bit confused by this new information.  But I figured, if this lady is ready to move, let's do it.  So then she started to explain that Fabi had to be seen before the end of the month.  As in, sometime over the next 2 days.  She asked about tomorrow and when I explained that Fabi would be at school, we discussed the original worker driving down and popping in at school.  I would have to give the school a heads up, they would pop in and that would be that.  Easy enough.  Then she called back to say that they needed to see me.  Remember the part about the van vs. deer collision?  I have no car.  But I told her we could figure it out, I would drop everyone off, go meet her there later...and on and on...we figured it out.  She called back again.  Would a later time work?  Sort of, not really...she called back again!  It was nuts!  She asked if now was a good time.  I said, "I have a few minutes..."  She meant was now a good time to just come over and then skip the school thing.  "NOW?!"  It's not like my house is a disaster or unsafe or anything so having someone come over unannounced is never a problem, but there's laundry racks w/underwear and dirty dishes and...well you get the idea.  She said she'd be here in 30 minutes and I said fine.  So....I ran to change out of sweats, make a sweep to move the laundry, put the dishes in the sink, etc....My hair was a haystack of wiry goodness, but there was no time to fuss w/that!  She peeked in at Fabi and we talked about the adoption assistance rate.  She wasn't even here for 20 minutes and she was on her way again!  So yeah, I got off track from all the things I had planned to do all afternoon!!
But wait - there's more!
Lately Ray has been w/his dad, in fact the social worker said they would be transferring the title of primary caregiver to dad.  No big Leah, the social worker and Ray all arrived approx. 15 minutes after the state social worker left.  Leah was in tears.  I will spare you the details, but let's just say that the primary care may be switched back to Leah.  We're not sure yet, but it's a mess and that may be what we need to do now.  So we hugged and Mo rubbed Leah's arm and we all 'circled our wagons'.  We regrouped.  We went to McDonald's for dinner.  YUCK.  But the cool thing was that mostly everyone was happy and there was a play place for a really energetic 5yo to burn off some steam!
And now I am sitting on this couch, feeling like my head is spinning from all this activity and confusion, and Dave is trying to talk to me about a new TV.  He has had this bug about getting a large flat screen TV of some sort lately and won't let it drop.  Those things are so expensive!!!  I made the mistake of mentioning that today is cyber Monday or whatever and now he wants to read the stats of all these TVs that are on sale.  He thinks that by reading me the stats and 'incredibly low prices' that I will be convinced to spend more than a mortgage payment on one!
And now I am going to copy my cousin and do some positive self-talk.
Let's go Mel!  Time to get it done!  Girl, you got this!
I don't feel like updating about the feeding therapy right now but I will say this:  I went into it hoping that Fabi would drink something, ANYTHING, during that week.  I wasn't even concerned about the eating so much as I just wanted her to drink!!  I am proud to say that our sweet girl is currently drinking 2-4 ounces at most meals!  Eating has dropped a little but who can complain about that?  The other thing I will say is that over the course of the week she gained 2 pounds.  TWO WHOLE POUNDS PEOPLE!! She hasn't even gained more that 2 ounces in the whole year she has been here!  So the news about all that is good news =)
Ok, now it's time for this awesome momma to get her feet rubbed.

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