Saturday, November 6, 2010

New words

Fabi has learned a new word.  It's commando.  As in - going commando or not wearing any underwear.  Yes.  That's the one!  The other day we were talking about giving commands, which 'tipped her off', if you will, and she spend the next half hour asking us if we were commando.  No, kid, no I'm not!  Then the other day she thought of the word - I'm not even sure why! - and starting leaning out of the cart and asking people, "You commando?"  Needless to say,  we finished our shopping pretty quick that day!!  She is using so many new words now, which is awesome, but the trouble is the more words she knows, the more words we need to scroll through to find out what she's saying!  As we drove around town yesterday, she noticed the things on people's porches or houses.  "I saw jack-o-lations!"  she said, but I thought she said DECORATIONS.  Turns out she was referencing all the jack-o-lanterns and I was stuck on the decorations.  Finally, I realized my error and asked her if she was talking about the pumpkins.  "YEAH - jack-o-lations!"  (She followed that happy comment w/a huge dramatic sigh of relief!)  I love hearing her talk clearer, using more words and verbs, but some days the toddler banter gets to be a bit much!  I remember telling Moses to talk to his teddy when I needed a Mommy Time Out.  It worked for him =)  But so far Fabi is not intereted in taking to a stuffed animal or doll of any kind.  Oh well!  I guess all the vocab guessing keeps my brain young.  Now if we could just turn back time and un-teach her a few words like commando...

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