Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Regularly Irregular

(Gotta love how I set out to post every day of the month and then I am only able to post every other day.  But I seem to make up for it by posting twice on those days!)

Some recent randomness...

  • I now have the trifecta of laundry lines.  I hung two loads yesterday and it was sunny, cathartic bliss!
  • I know someone who will be one step closer to adoption tomorrow.  (Not us, although we may be one step closer on Thursday!)  I am simply OVER THE MOON for her/them and I cannot wait to learn more!
  • All 3 levels of my house are the cleanest they have been in a long time!  And I mean they are clean.  I'm not hiding anything in the closets or oven...b/c I would never do that...
  • *deep breath* Ready?  Thursday might be the last court date for TPR.  Fabi may become legally free that day...it's also the same day I am going to a funeral.  This weekend our church is hosting a Compassion Clinic - free medical, dental, etc services for the community.  It is going to be a crazy busy day!  I am sort of in charge/helping in 2 areas.  Next week is Fabi's feeding therapy - all week.  Me and her, camped out at the hospital for 4-6 appointments each day.  Then it will be Dave's birthday, then Thanksgiving, then DECEMBER.  I need some pie just thinking about it!!
  • I actually ran errands by myself today.  My shoes squeak.  Just when I thought it was quiet, going out w/no chatty kids!  
  • I started the 1st homemade Christmas present =)  It was easier than I thought it was going to be.  It doesn't look as good as I wanted it to, but I think it will still be special.  I am full of ideas for more.  The main one is stalled due to a lack of supplies.  I keep haunting the store and asking when they will get more.  They don't really know and keep making references to the next truck.  I found it truly hard to believe that the world is 'out' of this product, since it's made in nature!!  In fact, I have access to an abundance of the natural material and if I knew how to make it, I would!  But I don't. And I'm sure that process is expensive.  So I'm waiting on it in the store.  It costs 89 cents.  I would like about 5 of them.  I'm considering asking if there is another store that has them and could they get them here?  I am even willing to drive 40 minutes or so to pick them up if I have to!  Ok, this rant is over.  But I WILL get this project done!
  • I have had a week off of Jillian.  No workouts for me.  I need to get back to it.  Not sure how it will work w/my busy schedule, not to mention the week at the hospital, but I feel all mushy and sluggish again.  
  • I need to stock up on reading material for the week at the hospital...

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