Monday, March 7, 2011

Goals: February Recap

(I hope to recap my goals and why I am or why I am not achieving them each month.)

Physical: Drink 5 mugs a day, get 8 hours of sleep and run a 5K.
Drinking - I give myself a D.  I was doing well for like a week!  I never did write it down, so that's the action point again.  As for the 8 hours of sleep, I give myself a B.  It happens at times, but not consistently.  Right now we have a newborn in the house so unless I nap or go to bed at 6pm, that is just not happening!!  I actually signed up for a 5K.  MAY FIRST, people, I have until May FIRST!!  I rocked the workouts this month (w/the exception of this past week - more on that later).  I have been doing the 30 days w/Jillian and I made it to level 3.  As a friend pointed out, level 3 is easier than level 2!!  Out of the 30 days, I think I did at least 20, so I give myself an A there.  The past week I received an F, but my excuses are that my grandfather passed away and I spent a day going to pick up the newborn at a hospital an hour away.  Also, I wasn't feeling well.  This week I really need to push myself even harder and I am looking forward to the challenge!  I can do it!!

Personal: Weekly planning time, bi-weekly date w/Dave, 2 hours me time and attend a women's retreat.
My weekly planning time still is not on track.  I get a C- there.  I did write our schedule (getting crazier now that we signed up for more stuff!) out in a public place, so we didn't miss anything.  However, I didn't plan meals, or at least not too many.  Dave and I did secure a once a week babysitter for 2 hours after the kids go to bed so that is really helpful!  We have had one date and are going again this week.  We get an A+ there!!  In regards to the 'me' time - I went to a women's coffee...I think I get a B- here.  I tried, I really did, to have scheduled me time.  It's just not happening yet.  No leads on the women's retreat yet either...

Spiritual: Track Bible reading, family devos, and a missions trip
Oof...we have been going through a Bible study using the Purple Book, so I have been doing plenty of reading, just not on my own.  Can I claim a B here?  As a family, we decided that we want to do more scripture memorization.  It's been pretty easy for me to do that, a verse or 2 each week, and easy enough to include Moses.  That kid complains when I practice w/him but then when we least expect it, he busts out w/the whole thing memorized like he had someone else practicing w/him!  He motivates me!  I've got to keep up w/him, right?  Again, the missions trip is a longer term goal...

Well, I like writing about these goals each month.  It really helps me focus and attempt to eliminate excuses.  It's good to examine my behavior and publicly humiliate myself!  (Kidding...mostly...)

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