Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Being a 3 kid family

As I said before, we had 2 of our friends' foster care kids for a week. We learned a lot about how long it takes to go anywhere w/more than one kid! I still wanted to avoid using the van as much as we could and since we couldn't find a way to bike, that meant using the double stroller and carrying the baby (he was still probably 20 lbs or more!) in the backpack. I pulled the grocery cart! Yeah, that was our big grocery run. After that we used the van a lot to go to parks and the local free zoo. The kids liked the zoo! For us it took a lot of planning to remember 3 times as much snack and 3 water cups and the extra clothes and of course the camera! Overall it was a fun week and we are soooooo ready to have foster care kids of our own!

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