Saturday, July 26, 2008

A Week of Simple Pleasures

Aimee has asked readers to share a photo every day of what they find simple pleasure can check out her post. I decided to join in b/c I have been feeling kinda...'enh' lately. I need to recharge and refocus. Anyway - I thought it sounded like a great idea so look forward to that this week =) Today's simple pleasure was hearing my son sing church songs at the top of his lungs! He often says, "C'mon church!" and expects us to join in! The other simple pleasure is hearing him talk himself to sleep, making songs out of people's names. "L-l-l-lisa. A-a-a-al. W-w-w-wendy." He usually includes their last names and it helps if their names sound cool =) Another simple pleasure is the fact that he slept upstairs in his new room and new bed all night last night! My big boy is almost 3 and I'm grateful he's adapted so well. Things like that are why we call it the good life!

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