Saturday, July 26, 2008

Time to weigh in

If you know me, you know I'm one of the masses that loves Bret Favre. So I was real sad when he retired, but I thought he needed it...he's had a rough few years w/Deanna's cancer, his dad's passing, etc. Anyway - all this fuss about him coming back/being traded/wanting to go elsewhere or whatever is fuss. The man has football in his blood. He wants to play. Big surprise. There's only so much huntin' and 4wheelin' a guy like that can do before he gets crazy for football. Not only that, but it's my opinion that after the last few years, especially last year, he's been in more of a mentor role, rather than the hot shot quarterback role and it suits him. Finally he has settled down and can lead a young team. He can be that grizzled veteran who zings it in there and wows the rookies. Most of those rookies don't know any other legend. He's been it for their whole lives...whatever. I feel like Favre is jerking the fans around but I feel like the Packers are crazy for not screaming YESSSSS when he wanted to come back. What's a fan to think? For me there is no question. Give the guy what he wants. Who knows what kind of season he has in him. Once he's back, playing, win or lose, love him as much as you did the season before. The man's a legend. That will never change.

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Michelle Gartner said...

I am not native- so for me, it does seem like Brett is jerking the whole of football around. I heard Minnesota got in trouble for talking to him and I don't think they should be penalized. I remember Brett retiring a couple years back and I keep thinking- why dude? Why not turn the corner- start a foundation, take care of your wife, take care of your family. Live a little- there's more to life then football.