Monday, July 21, 2008

It's been some summer!!

Here's just a few photos of what's been going on around here lately....Mo took a few of these photos...there's some of Dave's leg and the tree that blew down in the tornado. Well, the tornado wasn't on our street, per se, but the winds did plenty of damage all over town. We've been to the museum for a guitar exhibit and on a bike/wheelchair ride and walk...Yeah, it's been interesting doing stuff but we are still trying to enjoy the summer. I hope to post more again soon. One of the best things lately has been hearing Mo say things like, "Daddy, I'll get your crunches!" He can say crutches, but he doesn't. We don't care, hearing him say crunches is soooo cute!! Hope you are all enjoying summer, no matter what else is going on!

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