Friday, August 22, 2008

Big Man on Campus!

Happy Birthday Moses!I cannot believe you are 3 already. You are an amazing gift from God! You make me smile when you shout praise songs, you make me laugh when you dance (just like your daddy!) and you make me melt when you flash the I love you sign. You've met every goal we had for you're going to pre-preschool and it's weird to think of bringing in some supplies for your class, being a volunteer mom and going on field trips. We can't wait until you bring home your first project and explain it to us! We always said God had big plans for you but I don't think we'll ever be able to know just how big. Today I remember how I was scared to first hold you (even though I've held sooo many babies in my life!) and I thought I would hurt you. You were so tiny and I didn't know why God chose me to care for you. But now I know...your daddy and I helped you grow strong and big but you helped us learn to trust in and depend on God in more ways than ever before. We love you, peanutter!
Now go party! But, uh, if you're going to fall asleep early, how about you try to get upstairs to your bed instead of crashing on your dad? He loved that but I was the one who got stuck carrying your long-legged self upstairs...!

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Abby said...

Happy Birthday, MoJo!