Thursday, August 14, 2008

Oh blast! More cast!

So DW's appt. to get the cast off was canceled. We don't know why - there was just a message on the machine when we got home. It was supposed to come off tomorrow at 9am, just in time for the Wilke family reunion! He's not happy. He's sick of crutches. I'm sick of being the servant! The good news is that we had another appt w/the state adoption lady today and next up is our individual interviews. This is way easier than the foster care stuff, but that's b/c we did the FC stuff already...they could just read their notes! Not only that but the house is relatively clean...too bad that doesn't cheer my hot hubby up! Normally it would so I'm feeling a little gypped. But hopefully we can find out more about this cast appt in the morning and we can adjust our plans. We'll keep you posted!

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