Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Simple Pleasures - Saturday

This one is not that simple...and I'm sorry it's late, but there were a bunch of pics to choose from!
This is why I love the state fair!!

Apple Cider Donuts. See, I don't like cream, so I don't like cream puffs. I'm weird, ok? So for me the highlight is an apple cider donut! That's pretty simple frugal! I'll take a 75 cent treat over a $3.50 mess any day!

I also like brown jersey and swiss cows, not the black and white kind. Oh - and I like the red pigs. ALL pigs are adorable but the red ones are the best!! (Sorry for the blurry photo...I guess DW wanted to to get a great shot of me and the pig and got so excited he was shaking...or something...!)

The other thing I really loved was the HUGE slide! Moses and I were practically airborne! I'm still working on getting the pic uploaded since my parents took it.
I also love the pig races and baby animals barn...what do you like about the state fair?

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