Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Simple Pleasures - Sunday

Packer people party and play ptogether!! (The p is silent...until I find a p word that means the same thing!)
One of the best things about our family is that we all like sports! Moses has been brainwashed to love Brett Favre, Ryan Braun, Bucky Badger and tolerate the Bucks. We play sports, we watch sports and we get decked out in sports T-shirts =) The first big date Dave and I went on was to a Badgers' game...It's a simple pleasure that God has joined us together based on our interests. Both Dave and I are/were teachers, we like sports, we like music, we want a lot of kids...I know, if I make the list any longer I will make you gag! But we celebrate our differences too - I like HOT HOT HOT weather and Dave doesn't like to sweat! I like to finish the particular topic of conversation and Dave didn't get the nickname Tangent Boy for staying on topic. I am wound up pretty tight and Dave goes w/the flow. Nay, he lives for spontaneity! Having a kid is wild - we see how our interests influence him and how our personality traits become evident! Some good, some not so good...we're all pretty stubborn! Anyway - hope your family can celebrate the simple pleasure of things you share!

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