Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Simple Pleasures - Wednesday

Garden gloves for my sweet boy, who is soooo eager to help! He is very proud to have his own gloves and especially likes the words that are on the backs of the hands. In fact, he announces "Don't bug me, I'm gardening!" to all the neighbors or anyone who passes by! His enthusiasm has gotten me to do some much needed weeding (ack!) and it's pretty cool to have his company and help.

Simple Pleasures - Tuesday

2 apple trees for the front yard!
The simplest part? They were delivered and planted by the garden center employees so Dave didn't have to struggle w/them!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Simple Pleasures - Monday

My clean boy in his bath towel. There is nothing cuter!

That's just how we roll!

On Sunday morning, Dave had to go to church early to practice w/the worship team. I was actually excited b/c it meant Mo and I could walk to church =) Not to sound mean, but since Dave broke his leg, we've been driving everywhere! I miss biking and walking! Anyway - we were all set to take the stroller when I realized that I had said I would bring our pop-up tent for the church picnic. Yeah, it's not small. So I asked Mo if he would ride his bike, thinking I could put the tent in the wagon. I could do that, right? No sweat. Well I figured Mo would poop out at some point but I also figured I would deal w/that when I got to that point! It's .9 miles to church, which of course I didn't tell Mo. So off we went, and he honestly got a little over half way. So there I stood, tent, wagon, kid, bike...and .3 miles to go. Finally I got the idea to put the front wheel of the bike in the back of the wagon, you know like people do w/their cars on the back of their RVs? I laughed b/c I almost didn't believe it would work, but it did!! We got the tent there on time and we got to church w/2 mins to spare =) I was a sweat ball, but hey! By the time we got to the picnic, everyone else was sweaty too! We had a lot of fun and I was pretty proud of myself for figuring it out!

Simple Pleasures - Sunday

So does the family that plays together, stay together? On Sunday Mo and Dave were having a guitar duel! In the past we have played all together....Mo hiked his microphone up and stood on the piano bench. He was so happy to sing along!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Time to weigh in

If you know me, you know I'm one of the masses that loves Bret Favre. So I was real sad when he retired, but I thought he needed it...he's had a rough few years w/Deanna's cancer, his dad's passing, etc. Anyway - all this fuss about him coming back/being traded/wanting to go elsewhere or whatever is fuss. The man has football in his blood. He wants to play. Big surprise. There's only so much huntin' and 4wheelin' a guy like that can do before he gets crazy for football. Not only that, but it's my opinion that after the last few years, especially last year, he's been in more of a mentor role, rather than the hot shot quarterback role and it suits him. Finally he has settled down and can lead a young team. He can be that grizzled veteran who zings it in there and wows the rookies. Most of those rookies don't know any other legend. He's been it for their whole lives...whatever. I feel like Favre is jerking the fans around but I feel like the Packers are crazy for not screaming YESSSSS when he wanted to come back. What's a fan to think? For me there is no question. Give the guy what he wants. Who knows what kind of season he has in him. Once he's back, playing, win or lose, love him as much as you did the season before. The man's a legend. That will never change.

A Week of Simple Pleasures

Aimee has asked readers to share a photo every day of what they find simple pleasure can check out her post. I decided to join in b/c I have been feeling kinda...'enh' lately. I need to recharge and refocus. Anyway - I thought it sounded like a great idea so look forward to that this week =) Today's simple pleasure was hearing my son sing church songs at the top of his lungs! He often says, "C'mon church!" and expects us to join in! The other simple pleasure is hearing him talk himself to sleep, making songs out of people's names. "L-l-l-lisa. A-a-a-al. W-w-w-wendy." He usually includes their last names and it helps if their names sound cool =) Another simple pleasure is the fact that he slept upstairs in his new room and new bed all night last night! My big boy is almost 3 and I'm grateful he's adapted so well. Things like that are why we call it the good life!

Friday, July 25, 2008

New slideshow

I thought I'd try this version of a slideshow...hope you can all view this one...

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Workin' on it...

Sorry about the slide show being blank. I'm working on it! Please stay tuned =)

Monday, July 21, 2008

It's been some summer!!

Here's just a few photos of what's been going on around here lately....Mo took a few of these photos...there's some of Dave's leg and the tree that blew down in the tornado. Well, the tornado wasn't on our street, per se, but the winds did plenty of damage all over town. We've been to the museum for a guitar exhibit and on a bike/wheelchair ride and walk...Yeah, it's been interesting doing stuff but we are still trying to enjoy the summer. I hope to post more again soon. One of the best things lately has been hearing Mo say things like, "Daddy, I'll get your crunches!" He can say crutches, but he doesn't. We don't care, hearing him say crunches is soooo cute!! Hope you are all enjoying summer, no matter what else is going on!

Monday, July 14, 2008

New posts coming soon...

I have a few things to post, including pics, so stay tuned! Dave went back for his first day of teaching summer school after the surgery. It sounds like it went well! He was pretty appreciative for the rented wheel chair! Anyway - keep praying for us. We got A LOT of housework done together today and we both feel better. Thanks to our moms and some friends, we are totally keeping our head above water and have people to care for Mo. That's such a blessing to us!! We love you!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

It's over!

This is Dave, again. I wasn't sure if I should have titled this "Home, Sweet Home," because that's how I feel as well. But I think my prevailing thought pattern is captured by the essence of this title. Unfortunately, I think a lot of people are trying to warn me that, "Dave, be patient, it might feel like it's over, but you've got a long ways to go." I suppose they're right & I know they love me and have good intentions and all, but the way I feel, it's hard not to be excited! By the way, please read the rest of this and PRETEND that I actually posted it on Tuesday, because that's what I meant to do, anyways...

Well, the surgery is over-- I went in today at 12:30, I was supposed to be in the OR at 2:00, but that ended up getting pushed back to 3:30-3:45, so I certainly was thirsty and had an appetite, since I had a COMPLETE fast since 7:00 the night before! I woke up pretty groggy at about 5:00-5:30 and in some severe pain, not even close to that of the original accident, of course, but probably the worst since then. After a half gallon of soda, juice, and water (not mixed together, Steve), as well as a few meals later (I had to make up for lost time, you know!), I'm feeling a LOT better. It MIGHT be the eating & drinking, a good solid splint & wrap on my ankle, or just the Vicodin, but either way, It's really good to be home.

Mom came over this afternoon to help with Moses & I, and that's wonderful, but if you could all please keep praying for us, especially Mel, I/we would certainly appreciate it! I'm not the best patient & I know this has been and will continue to be frustrating, stressful, emotionally draining, and generally trying for all of us, but especially Mel because she been dealing with me the most, longest, and unfortunately she probably gets the brunt of the worst of me. Now that I write this, maybe you all should be praying for me, just as much! A lot of times, I don't even realize how demanding or rude I sound, which certainly doesn't help anything. Even though I need work on my attitude & behavior, Mel's still amazing, and prayer would definitely help.

Monday, July 7, 2008


Dave will be getting screws put into his leg tomorrow. Please pray. I am not looking forward to all the complications this will cause in life but I am grateful we didn't let this 'go' any longer. I need to make a bunch of phone calls now so...I'll write more when I can.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Dave's version

First of all, (this is Dave, and I believe I'm blogging for the first time) as a courtesy to those of you who have weak stomachs-- the pictures and following description gets graphic, at least according to Mel. She suggested I not even put in any pictures, but, come on, what fun is that? Besides, I'm a pretty visual guy, so the photos suit me well. If you qualify as one of these squeamish people, simply read only the next sentence and the last little paragraph (skip the long middle one and the pics at the end), and pray for us; otherwise, enjoy.

Well, if you haven't heard already, I broke my ankle a week ago Monday evening. I was running hard to first base in a church softball game; it was going to be a close play, so I stretched as if to get there sooner. I WAS safe, but my leg was fully extended when I hit the bag, and instead of having a bent knee and the impact going through my entire leg, it just went to my foot/ankle, which crumpled immediately, accompanied by the sound of a number of unnerving pops and cracks. Needless to say, I was a little freaked out-- My lower leg and foot went numb for about a minute, after which I realized I still had feeling (because it hurt a lot) and limited mobility in my toes and ankle. I went home before finding out that we lost the game anyways. After a few hours, it was much better, and every day it has kept improving. Everyone that I talked to said I didn't need to see a doctor, and everyone who saw it said I should. Well, eventually I grew frustrated by the speed and length of my improvement, so I went to the clinic on Saturday. After some painful poking by my family doctor and 3 x-rays, the radiologist was only allowed to tell me that I was a "tough guy" and that it would "take a long time to heal," (both things I already knew.) My doctor, however, told me something I didn't know when soon afterwards, he informed me that it WAS, in fact, broken-- I believe he said there were 3 fractures. After this, he gave me what looked to be a summer time down hill ski boot, which I've since found out, is just as uncomfortable as the real thing! It certainly was more comfortable than any of my attempts at wrapping it, and would go well with the Salvation Army crutches (or "crunches," as Mo calls them) that I got earlier in the week. My doctor continued, "I'm not an orthopedic surgeon," he informed me (again something I already knew), "but call his office on Monday to set up an appointment for that afternoon."

So, there you have it, the last few days of my life summarized in a little paragraph. What I've left out is that Mel, Mo, and Mel's family (but most often Mel) have been wonderfully patient and helpful the past few days. As far as the photos are concerned, the first 3 pictures are from Tuesday, the day after it happened, and the last 3 are from today, Sunday. When you read this, or think of any of us, please pray for wisdom for the doctors, healing for me, and patience for all of us.

How it looked on Tuesday (the day after my 'incident'), notice the swelling in the last picture!

This is how it looked Sunday (5 days later), notice the swelling has gone down somewhat, but the bruising is just ugly, and immense! I'm pointing to what I believe to be the broken ankle bone, which ironically doesn't have as much bruising nearby, go figure!

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Fractures are not fun

Did I write about Dave's ankle yet? Yeah at softball last Monday he sprained it...or so we thought. He went in today b/c the swelling was going down, but not that much. He had an X-ray done and it's fractured in 3 places. He currently has a boot. This coming Monday he will be seeing the orthopedic doc and he may 'order' surgery. Not again, please pray. Dave may not be able to do the last 2 weeks of summer school as planned!! I already asked God to give me patience! If you know me, you know I could always use a good dose of that anyways! We'll keep you posted. Until then, if you see some guy at the store in the electric wheelchair, it's probably Dave =)

Friday, July 4, 2008

Foster care news!!!

We finally got in touch w/our SW - she was on vacation and had erased our first message on accident! So now she knows it was from us and emailed us back. We thought her final report needed to be done for us to get kids, but that's not true! They have actually had our name come up and they are looking for a match for us. So we could get kid(s) soon! It was so exciting to hear that and we are feeling READY!! The thought of having a baby in the house again has made us laugh, cry and worry a little too. We started talking about getting out of bed in the middle of the night, making bottles, wiping big messes....ok, those things mostly made us cry, but there were good thoughts too! The snuggles, the wrapping them up like burritos, the itty bitty socks, the making them gurgle and smile...we can't wait. I mean we can, we'll have to, but in the meantime we'll be cleaning and reviewing the supplies we have. Please keep us in prayer! This is what we want, but of course, more importantly, we are seeking God's will in this. It is our prayer that He prepares us for what may come...and that He is with the kid(s) and family and SWs. We know it won't be the easiest transition, but we depend on Him for so many things and we know He has provided for us in so many ways. Ok, sorry, I'm getting a little snuffly here...I know a lot of you have asked for updates! So now you know as much as we do =) Thanks for hanging in there w/us!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Being a 3 kid family

As I said before, we had 2 of our friends' foster care kids for a week. We learned a lot about how long it takes to go anywhere w/more than one kid! I still wanted to avoid using the van as much as we could and since we couldn't find a way to bike, that meant using the double stroller and carrying the baby (he was still probably 20 lbs or more!) in the backpack. I pulled the grocery cart! Yeah, that was our big grocery run. After that we used the van a lot to go to parks and the local free zoo. The kids liked the zoo! For us it took a lot of planning to remember 3 times as much snack and 3 water cups and the extra clothes and of course the camera! Overall it was a fun week and we are soooooo ready to have foster care kids of our own!


After my brother's wedding, we took some time to go camping! It was so much fun...We took some neat pics, so here are a few of my faves! I'll put a slideshow on the sidebar too...

The best part was hearing Mo wake up every day and ask to go see some animals! We saw deer, cranes, woodpeckers and of course caterpillars and bugs. It was cool to teach Mo to listen for the evidence of woodpeckers even when we couldn't see them. He would announce to us whenever he heard one!

Athletic we are not...

So on Monday Dave severely sprained his ankle at the church softball game. I have pics, but I don't think you want to see them. On Tues I fell off my bike in the driveway!! I'm fine, just a sore wrist. The worst part about all this is that we are reminded that we have never been athletic! And probably won't be!! At any rate, our plans to go camping have been canceled and we'll see what we are going to do now...We love parades, so we are definitely going to take in one of those! I'm going to write a few other updates, but I wanted to start w/this one!