Monday, January 5, 2009

And the beat goes on

I just have to write this post, more for me to remember than anything else, but it's exciting and fun to share! Our foster son has been w/us for 3 months now and he is 16 months old. He is really developing quickly, learning new words and 'tricks' almost every day! I taught him his first official word - football. But he says it like this - 'fot bawl'! He says CHEESE (for the camera!), up, no (of course), hot, hat, si' down, and a few other things that seem close but are probably not really words yet. He signs milk, please, more and all done. Apparently, from watching Mo he now play sleeps, making these loud snoring sounds and laying his head on a blanket! It's sooo funny, I need to take a video of that =) He loves to play chase and dance...if I haven't said it already he is a really easy kid. His last 4 teeth are coming in!!! There are 3 visible and the 4th has yet to pop out. He really isn't too crabby about it...I thought today about how sad I felt not having a baby book for him. Sometimes I ask myself if that would happen if he was just my own kid, my 2nd, that's natural...or did I just not think of it b/c he's a foster kid? Today I am reflecting on it a little bit more...we were under the impression that he would be back w/his mom by now and he's not. Enough said about that - but please pray about the situation. The other reason I'm thinking of it today is b/c we got a message about another foster kid...I left a message for the SW hoping to get more details tomorrow. So far all we know is that it is a much older child...we'll pray about it when we know more, I guess, and see if it would be a good fit for our family. But anyway - I just think about having more kids and how much we wanted that and how much I want to remember, even if they get back w/their families, how much I want to remember the sounds of kids (plural!) in this house and all the goofy things they say or do. So I guess I should start a notebook (like yours Mom!) and just write little notes when I can. I think it would be ok to write some things on the blog, but not that much...anyway - sorry to blurb all this out you know and you can pray for us! We appreciate that!! Moses knows how many people were praying for him before he came, he loves to hear that Al W. prayed for him by name at worship team practice, and we tell him how many people still pray for him! I know those same people pray for our foster kids too...thank you. It means so much to us =) Ok, before I cry I need to wrap this up...looking forward to adding a few more details (and maybe another foster child?) tomorrow!

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