Monday, January 5, 2009

Resolve to revise

Well, I had a day to think about the here's a few revisions/additions...
1 Read the Bible.
2 Drink more water!
3 Don't eat after 8pm.
4 Eat more fruits and veggies.
5 Speak with respect to each other.
6 Put away our clothes.
7 Put away our 'toys' (even adults have 'toys'!).
8 Wash the dishes.
9 Brush teeth 3x a day.
10 Watch less than 65 minutes of TV. (I admit this one is hard for me!)
11 Create something.
12 Eat 6 meatless dinners. (This one was supposed to go in the monthly part...and we're upping it to 12.)
13 Get to bed by 9, 9:30pm at the latest!
14 Take at least 10 mins to log praise and prayer reports, and praying w/Mo doesn't count!
15 Add at least one more item to the 'give to a thrift store' bin.
16 Ask Mo to pray before at least one meal. He can and he will but we just forget to ask!
17 Daily routine for everyone should be completed by 8:30-9am!
18 Practice a Bible verse before nap.
19 Eat dinner together as a family.
20 Dust something.
21 Try to cut down on words we don't want our kids to repeat. Ok, we don't use four letter words, but things like crap and stupid. We both have our replacement words like that...
Fold laundry.
(9 left. I can't believe this is so hard!)

1 Stick to the budget.
2 Exercise more (3x a week?/20 miles a month).
3 Have a date night, family outing, women's outing and men's outing.
4 Give. (Charitably - of our money, time, and not just the usual missionaries - beyond that.)
5 Read an educational book.
6 Write a goals update post on the blog.
7 Eat 12 meatless dinners.
8 Complete one sewing project. (Ok that's more for me and not the whole fam!)
9 Write 4 actual letters to people like my grandparents, friends who live out of state or just people we don't talk to much. (PS - have I mentioned my penpal from 4th grade on here yet?? Yeah, we still write, just not very often...and now we live closer! Like 5 hrs away...we really should try to get together at least twice a year! Cecilia, if you are reading this...I am working on a letter!)
10 (oooh just 3 more!!)

Still not sure on this one.
Ok, I think that's all I have for now...I need to go back to folding laundry!

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Sarah said...

Hey, I was just wondering if maybe the 31 daily goals was meant to be one goal for each day of the month instead of 31 goals for each day. Then the 12 monthly goals are one for each month of the year, not 12 in each month. Then the yearly fits for one goal for the year. Just a thought. I think 31 goals in a day is unrealistic, unless you include, breathing, sleepping, eating, bathroom, even then it's too many. I've heard max 3 goals in one day is reasonable and sometimes one is enough. Hope this helps. We love our fish bag and use it LOTS. Thank you. Love, Sarah