Saturday, January 31, 2009


Joyce tagged me in a 7 Random Things Meme...I decided I better get my randomness out there before I forget! Here's the rules:
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1) I seem to have no nose nerves. I don't remember having them! It's great for changing poopy diapers and gassy husbands but not so great when you have a gas stove.
2) I got bit by a dog in high school. I got bit in the face. Consequently I had stitches on the bridge of my nose, but I have scars in my mouth, in my nose and under my nose too.
3) I wear a lot of skirts to church w/crazy long socks. I don't like to wear my shoes during worship and plus, if I work in the nursery we can't wear shoes anyway. I love socks and used to wear tights but I'm too old for that now I think. Anyway - socks work in whatever weather!
4) I dated 4 Jasons. In a row. I married a Dave.
5) I used to eat Cheerios every single day. Every. Single. Day. You think you know what I mean but maybe you don't. I am 31 years old and I can probably count the days when I didn't eat Cheerios. Sometimes my mom would make oatmeal. Sometimes on vacations I suffered through Rice Krispies. And once my mom tried to buy Oatios or whatever but I think I gagged. Not only did I eat Cheerios every day, I dunked them first. I was a little AR about dunking them! So much so that people noticed and commented. I'm just weird.
6) The high school I went to had 2 different schools in the same building. We had 2 sports teams, 2 sets of clubs, 2 offices, 2 cafeterias...etc. But our classes could be on either side w/a mix of kids. So of course I had friends from both schools! Which was weird b/c graduations are separate and for 25 years we played each other for homecoming. The other thing is there was one band. Yeah - at the homecoming show we tried to cheer for our separate teams but look unified as a band. There were so many lectures against showing any signs of which school we went to, you would think we worked for the UN or something!
7) Totally random. I can't find my bottle of the best hand lotion...well, not that random I guess. You all already know I'm a clutterbug! My MIL got this hand lotion when she went to the Holy Land and I love it - really love it! I don't use much lotion anymore and I always grumble about how they don't work and this stuff is so works really well! Ahava. That's what the bottle says. I know it's in one of my many bags I use, but I can't seem to find it. Anyway. Random. I will find it. But if you ever get a chance to use some or buy some, I strongly recommend it!
Now for the lucky seven...(I have 8!!)
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I don't have time to go comment to those peopleI named right now, but I will do it. If you are one of those people - sorry I didn't get to it yet! But I'm looking forward to your randomness =) Enjoy!


Joyce said...

That is one crazy high school situation! Why in the world did they just have one band when they had every thing else separate?

I love the many Jasons- that's hilarious!

amy said...

Thanks for tagging me. I'll see what I can come up with.

Revka said...

Mine's up. Kinda fun. :)

Jeff said...

Can ya ever be too old for tights? Nah. :)