Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Now that I admitted to being a list maker, I probably will be inundating you all w/some lists! One of the things I really want to do in the New Year is to make more stuff from scratch. There are some things that we eat a lot of and I wonder if I could make a healthier alternative. Here's a list!
-English muffins (we have a bread maker - could it be that hard??)
- ice cream (check! Mo got an ice cream ball for his 3rd birthday! We love it....)
- cereal (made granola. Not as exciting as say, Kashi's blueberry oatmeal clusters...and we already eat oatmeal, eggs, pancakes...)
- Alfredo sauce (I think I found a recipe for this using powdered milk...gotta try that...)
- tortillas (I have recipes for this too, but I'm afraid they will all turn out really thick! Guess I just gotta get over that.)
- refried beans (I know, it's easy. I saw a recipe w/lard *shudder* and I refuse to do that. So I'll try it w/o that...)
- peanut butter and honey (not exactly something we can make at home, but the boys eat a ton of it!!)
- eggs (ok, yeah, maybe someday we'll have chickens...???)
Hmmm....there's probably more. We already make a bunch of stuff from scratch, like sloppy joe/taco seasoning, pizza crust, sauce,laundry soap, dishwasher soap, etc but there's just some things I haven't been brave enough to try yet. If you have any ideas or recipes, please let me know! What do you make from scratch? I'm interested if there's other stuff I haven't thought of yet...


Amish/English said...

Good cooking from scratch! Now that my husband retired I am cooking EVERYTHING from scratch too. All of our bread, making lots of soups. My chili is the best! I have a recipe for English muffins from my mom, its long so I'll put it in the mail. :-) Whole wheat flour, the works, but its not to be kneaded? and they are cooked on the stove top, not oven? I have never made them so can't answer any questions.

( jason ) said...

Peanut butter: You can make it from home, look online for recipes.

Cereal: I have a dehydrator recipe for buckwheat granola that works well as a dry cereal. If you're interested, I'll write it down and email it to you.

Alfredo Sauce: EASY! I'll send you our recipes.

Tortillas: To flatten, place between (not inside) two large Ziplock bags, then press down using a flat bottom pot or pan.

Eggs: Talk to the Lancours. Their parents have chickens.

We make glass/surface cleaner using vinegar, water, and tea tree oil (optional). You should send me your laundry and dish soap recipes.

Other scratch items: yogurt (no yogurt maker required), hot pockets, hummus, nut milk, dehydrator flax crackers, sprouts.

Wanting to try: Gluten Free crackers in the oven, GF tortillas, GF pita bread.

Mel and Moses said...

Jason I love your list! Yes, send me the recipes! I will find the soap recipes...And Amish/English, I will try the muffins...stay tuned!

Zippy said...

Mel, you have come a long way! I cannot believe you are thinking of going from scratch 'cause that involves cooking...or are you coming up with ideas for Dave? lol :D