Saturday, November 14, 2009

Faster than a tortoise who has already had a hip replacement...

We're slowly making progress on getting things out of here!
5) Took a load to Goodwill. Random stuff. Nothing really useful to friends we know!
6) I know you won't believe this but we still had quite the tape collection...Duct tape? No. Masking tape? No. Scotch tape? No. Medical tape? Yeah, we've got a lot of that lately, but nope. VHS tapes? That too, but again, NO....

(insert sound of crickets here b/c I know you can't think of any other kind of tape!)

CASSETTE TAPES people! Now, can you guess which one of us had more? I'll give you a clue - his name starts w/a D and ends w/AVE!!! Yeah. He had LOTS. Had. I convinced him (yeah, he tried to pull the sentimental card on me) to get them out of the house. It was such a big collection that I decided it counts as a separate entry from the rest of the Goodwill stuff.

So that's it. No more cassette tapes in our house. How will we survive?? Stay tuned for next week when we get really crazy and start offering up the walkmans or the cameras that use film or something!

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