Sunday, November 22, 2009

Surprise! It's gone!

7) I had gathered a bag of clothes for a friend who runs a casual clothing drive for people in need. Then at church she told me she could no longer do it b/c she had finally gotten not one, but two jobs! That bag of clothes was so lonely by the back door...then our church hosted a Compassion Clinic and I kicked myself for not bringing the clothes there. I said it out loud and another friend told me someone in her bible study might be able to use them! So they are gone and it was reported back to me that most things fit! Cool =) One of the main points I was hoping to 'hit' was that people could actually use this stuff and I didn't want it to just be tossed out or sold. So far so good, just not fast...I did finish my online classwork (that was always an easy excuse) so now I should be able to tackle things a little more vigorously!

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