Sunday, November 8, 2009

My poor blog is turning brown!

If this blog were a plant, it would look a lot like my houseplants right now! But here I am w/an what do you want to know?? Let's start w/me. I have been trucking along, doing the housework, having fun w/Fabi while Mo is at school, being my usually adventurous self! I've tried some new recipes, a few other things that cut down on waste, and started a journey to get 50 things out of the house. Just this week I was offered the chance to sub while a Spanish teacher goes on maternity leave - I'm still working on the child care details for that one, not sure if it will happen. I am helping hand out hygiene supplies at our church's Compassion Clinic next weekend and I already got the seed catalog for next year! Dave is enjoying school, it's been busy but he has a job! He is playing piano for our church's Traditions Service (translation: 8am - mostly attended by older people and they play more traditional music) and he loves it! Most weeks, Moses goes along and sits in the front row by himself. From what I hear he is extremely well behaved and has learned so many of the songs =) What else? He's getting used to combing girl hair, as I am, and figuring out how to layer dresses w/turtlenecks, tights and bloomers! Moses LOVES Creative Play school! His teacher sings almost everything! She teaches music in the afternoons and it's like a match that only God could make. I was able to take some pics after the Halloween party and he was so proud to tell me who all his friends were and what their costume was! He is starting to show signs that he can read things like "I see the bat, You see the mat, We see the cat", etc...which absolutely knocks my socks off! He draws big circles w/faces and stick legs/arms to make family portraits. I have been amazed by the way he has adopted the big brother role. He is so very helpful and compassionate towards Fabi...he has really grown and seems to be handling having foster kids much better now. Fabi is getting stronger and making small gains in eating. At the last appointment, it was noted that she is more than likely going to be getting a G tube in her stomach since the progress has been slow. I'm confident that will be a good thing - we can forget about taping the Ng tube every day, fussing over it when it comes out, and just having the thing as a physical reminder literally in her face of the troubles she's been having. One thing I said to Dave lately was that I feel like she's a lot of fun to hang out w/, and for me, it's weird since she's a girl! But she's been talking a lot lately, singing and spinning in the kitchen while I cook, playing dollies, asking for ponytails and hair clips, is a whole new world compared to my boy! Anyway - I hope to get some pics up soon, so we have that to look forward to! There have been a lot of changes around here and some days I feel like we're hanging on for the ride, but mostly, I'm just enjoying my favorite season of the year!

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