Sunday, November 22, 2009

La madre de todas las noticias

Loosely translated - the mother of all updates!
First and foremost, Fabi had surgery yesterday. They put in a G tube, or PEG (percutaneous endoscopic gastrointestinal) tube. Did I get that right, medical people?! It's a long story of how it all came to this, but basically, she is making such small progress that this is where we are at. It's a little nerve-wracking since she had heart surgery at 4 months and the whole anesthesia thing made me nervous, but overall it is so nice to get rid of that nG tube in her face! Now hopefully we can focus on eating even more and there will be no tears over having to replace the tape or the tube a bunch. This poor girl has been making so much progress otherwise and we can't wait to see what happens next!
In other news...I keep meaning to post things for Make It Mondays and I forget!! There have been 2 food things we made lately that I wanted to share. We hauled home a load of apples from up north and are enjoying home made applesauce alot! I love experimenting with throwing it in the crock pot. The first time I used a recipe that called for juice and sugar. I have since tinkered w/it and haven't ruined a batch yet! The next thing I wanted to share was how I roasted some veggies the other night. This is not something no-cook-Mel has ever done before people!
You see this lovely squash? I wanted to use it in a recipe and found one online. They recommended cutting it along the ribs! It was all new for me so I just went for it. They said peeling it would be difficult, but once I cut the ribs, it wasn't.
After cubing the squash, I tossed it in a ziploc w/some peppers, onions and oil. TASTY! We cooked up some bowtie noodles and I stirred the veggies. I can't even begin to tell you how good it was! There was supposed to be gouda cheese melted in it, but we didn't have any. It didn't matter, but maybe we'll try that next time? The other fun thing we made were squid-dogs! We had some special kids w/us for the weekend and I wanted to do something different. I saw this online somewhere and even Dave laughed! He thought it was pretty cool =) It was funny to see the kids' reactions!

The theme of the past month has been GET OUTSIDE! The weather is unbelievable! Just this past weekend, November 22nd, we were out w/no jackets on. We've been to our back yard, Parnell Tower and Kohler Andrae State Park. I took so many photos that at one point Dave said we'd have photographic evidence of each step! Yeah, I slugged him for that one! Anyway, I managed to choose a few of my favorites and put them into a rather medium-length slideshow. ENJOY!
I have many more things to write about, but I think I'll save them for some other posts! I have started and saved this one so many times...I just want to hit publish and come back...

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Night Owl Craftworks said...

Aww, you make me wish I could cook! You look like you had a wonderful day!!! I've never been to parnell tower. Gonna have to check that out! I noticed you want sewing instructions for christmas. I'll teach you anytime! I think you can get to my e-mail through my blog.