Tuesday, December 1, 2009

This is the month to celebrate...

For some reason today I decided that we need to spend the month celebrating! And I've always wanted to post a photo each day...so here goes!
We celebrated the first day of December by eating pie for breakfast. Not just any pie - a Dutch apple pie from the Gibbsville apple orchard. That's ok, right? I mean, it's not cereal! HA! There's fruit and flour and um...yeah. So that's how we celebrated.

And now for the photo of the day...Moses' Uncle Steve and Aunt Liz gave the kids their Christmas presents early. After unwrapping some Spiderman pajamas, Moses announced, "I've been looking for these!" Despite being a size 6, they fit quite well! He hammed it up for a few photos when we got home =)
I think that's a wink! He's so cute...

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