Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Christmas program take 1

Sunday was the church Christmas program and Moses sang on stage w/the other preschool kids! Super funny to see how they all acted up there and only confirmed our thoughts that our son was born a performer. He picked out his orange and blue rugby shirt to wear, and even though it didn't seem Christmas-y to me, I was thankful for the bright color later! It was easy to find the kid in orange when the rest were wearing typical holiday colors! He really wanted to wear a tie, but alas, there was no button down shirt that fits. I think he still looked handsome and we were very proud of the way he sang.

At one point Moses figured out that they were taping and projecting the program on the big screen...which was cute, until he started hamming it up and basically turned to the screen to watch himself! I mean it was still cute, but he quit facing the audience and started making faces and such...everyone was laughing of course and the video we took is hysterical! I couldn't think of a better way to celebrate a Sunday in December!

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