Saturday, December 12, 2009


FINALLY FRIDAY! We all went to the arcade! We didn't even get in the door and Mo found the ride he wanted to go on!
See? He still has his hat and coat on!
This one was cool, though, b/c there's another seat and then Fabi could join him. I don't think she really wanted to, but since he was there, she was willing to try it. Honestly, I don't know who had more fun...I love trying to beat Dave in the basketball game and playing Nok Hockey (but he calls it Air Hockey - weird!). I even passed all the levels of the dance game! Mom, we should get one of those that hooks into the TV - it is such a good workout! Later, we all squeezed into the dinosaur game, which of course, the boys liked - guns were involved! (And yes, I didn't bother to comb my hair before going was just the arcade people!)

I think my favorite thing about the arcade is that we can spend around an hour there and $8 buys a fun family date! Do you have any inexpensive family date ideas?

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