Saturday, December 12, 2009


(**oops, I'm falling behind! Sorry! But here's 3 new posts in a row =)!)

Today we celebrated by having some good friends' kids over! When they arrived, Mo and Fabi were asleep, so it was kind of boring that Sofia fell asleep! (Aww, isn't she cute!)
Later, all 4 kids got to play together in Mo's room! Mo was so happy to see Samuelito! He tolerated the girls, I guess =)!

Every time we get our families together I am reminded how blessed we are to know them and to share so many passages of life together. When we met, none of us had kids. Now we have boys that can play cars together and girls that can tag along behind them! We have seen job changes and prayed for each other when we had struggles. It's a beautiful thing when you can call friends family!

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