Sunday, December 27, 2009

The days of Christmas!

You know how you celebrate more than once? Isn't that awesome?!
Weds (12/23) started some craft projects...for gifts...nothing like waiting 'til the last minute, right??
Thurs (12/24) we opened our (nuclear) family presents! Moses was so excited to wake up to presents! For me, the best was my new exercise mat that Mo and Dave decorated for me =) We also celebrated at church - I was in the drama, for the first time in a long time...I was so nervous but it felt so good to be doing something up there again! After church we hit the road (in the rain =( !) for 'home' to celebrate w/my extended family at my Grandpa's house. I loved hearing Mo make my uncles laugh, seeing the great grandkids crowd around my Grandpa and eating the good food!!
Sat (12/25) We had stayed overnight at my parents so we woke up and opened presents from them - we laughed b/c Fabi was so fast at ripping the paper off but then would shove the box away from her! She got right into the tearing and even opened one of my presents! Then we watched the Disney Christmas parade and taught Mo some more of the characters...or at least the ones we knew! Then we came home and just lounged around...ah yes, a good way to celebrate our Savior's birth!
Sun (12/26) Church again! No complaints, it was all worship today! We also got to see a Packer win (and Giants loss), which means they are in the playoffs! Mo and I played outside in the snow, which you know makes me happy!
Hard to believe this month of celebration is almost over...

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